Kubernetes Services
Infrastructure management
Test management
Project management and consulting
Application support

Kubernetes Services

Design, implement and support container orchestration platforms on-premises or in public cloud

Design, implementation and consulting

Our colleagues - during an accurate needs assessment and consultation - plan and do the necessary steps for the implementation of Kubernetes, keeping in mind the best practice and future-proof possibilities, whether it is a Kubernetes service managed by a public cloud service provider or an installation of vanilla Kubernetes in an on-premise datacenter. As part of our consulting service, we also help our clients who already have a container orchestration system to solve any problems that arise.


Operational and 2nd level support

Container orchestration systems run critical business applications. The availability of these applications requires the smooth operation of the platform running them, which is provided by our Certified Kubernetes Administrator colleagues with several years of operating experience. Our operational service includes cloud native metrics and log monitoring based on open source components. With our 2nd level service, we can also provide support and administration of business applications.



At Services4-IT, we not only place great emphasis on leveraging existing skills, but as part of our junior concept, we train people with basic IT qualifications who are thinking about a future-proof solution. Of course, in addition to internal trainings, we offer individual consulting, education and training for companies to operate their Kubernetes environments. We show the components of the system, the possibilities of expansion, so that they can accomplish their ideas with an efficient target device, including:

  • Overview of Docker and Containers
  • Structure of the cluster and core components
  • Resources, objects and commands in Kubernetes
  • Deployment, management and operation of applications in Kubernetes
  • Loadbalancer, Ingress, Services – Network in Kubernetes
  • Initialize applications with configuration data and attach persistent storage
  • Logging and monitoring at a glance
  • Insight into enterprise platforms

Application operation

We ensure the efficiency of IT solutions and technology stacks

During the day-to-day operation of IT systems, ensuring the business continuity of applications is among the most important tasks.

A failure in this continuity might result in immediate losses, therefore it's mandatory to support and maintain business applications and ensure their stable operation.

Outsourcing application operations

Organizations which outsource their IT operations can free up significant resources and can entirely focus on their profitable activities.

We at Services4-IT strive for making sure that you only need to concentrate on these activities, knowing that the operation of your applications are in professional hands.


Application operation services

Our services cover the entirety of the application lifecycle:

  • Installation, configuring, fine-tuning in accordance to the application manufacturer's guidelines
  • Continuous proactive monitoring
  • Middleware installation, setting up according to application requirements
  • Backend databases' and systems' monitoring, maintenance, and fine-tuning
  • Backup and restore
  • Update installation
  • Handling errors that may occur and contacting the manufacturer if needed
  • Negotiation with the manufacturer regarding development change requests


Application Development

Realizing IT solutions to increase productivity and reduce time-consuming manual tasks

We are experienced in developing and delivering solutions that match our clients' requirements as much as possible, seamlessly integrating with their business processes, and enabling them to succeed.

Application lifecycle management

We rely on best practices during the complete application lifecycle of each release - from analyzing requirements to development and testing, and finally deploying on prod.

Our enthusiasm to continuously deliver solutions of the best possible quality is second to none.

We aim to work with the most suitable methodology on your application development project, considering the pros and cons of each option.

Agile board
Application development


We have demonstrated know-how in the following areas of application development:

  • Agile, for an adaptive approach to changing requirements
  • RAD (Rapid Application Development), to deliver results as fast as possible
  • Waterfall, for precise needs and easy testing

Application development

Integration & automation

Our solutions help optimize business processes and automate time-consuming tasks which currently require manual effort.

Integrating new software with exising on-premise or cloud systems through the use of REST or SOAP interfaces, automated EDI (electronic data interchange) and data transformation with XSLT or other methods, as well as replication of databases is among our offered services.

Application development

Analytics & reporting

Data understanding is key to make well-informed business decisions. Reports, dashboards, views for descriptive analytics - we can build them all to keep you up-to-date, track processes and trends, and identify potential opportunities.


Change Management

We are prepared to make current solutions more efficient through analysis and improve upon releases.

The only thing left is to handle the lifecycle and the change requests. Your users will have new ideas continuously following the regular change of your business. That’s the reason why we offer professional release management.

We provide flexibility and agile response to new requirements, employing industry-proven tracking systems, such as JIRA and ServiceNow.

Tracking changes in a transparent, easy-to-understand way is essential, especially the more people participate in an application development project. For this purpose, we use version control systems (Git or SVN) and keep technical and user documentations up-to-date.

Quality improvement

Infrastructure management

Managing and continuously improving the essential operational elements of IT solutions

The emergement of cloud-based solutions and the switch to an application-centric operation perspective resulted in significant changes in the tasks and methods of infrastructure management.


Design, implement and support container orchestration platforms (Kubernetes, Openshift, OKD) on-premises or in public cloud, as well as monitoring of these platforms by building a cloud-native monitoring system.

Infrastructure management

Next generation infrastructure

Servers and networks have stepped beyond the physical boundaries of on-premise and classic data centers. Cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions can more efficiently fulfill the special computing demands of applications, be it private, public, or hybrid solutions. Flexibility and fast scalability are among the advantages.

The design, implementation, and operation of next generation infrastructures requires a complex, integrated approach.

Infrastructure management

Information security

Aside from the possibilities of public or hybrid network and server architectures, it is necessary to pay close attention to aspects of security, thus realizing cyber security guidelines in the system is an important task.

Directory list
Cloud infrastructure

Our services

From designing to operating an app-centric infrastructure, the services of Services4-IT cover these tasks as a whole:

  • Next generation data center design and implementation (e.g. Cisco ACI, VXLAN, Multi-Tenant)
  • Public and hybrid infrastructure (IaaS) design and implementation (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, OpenStack)
  • Consultancy regarding next generation architecture services (e.g. security, load balancing)
  • Fulfillment of DevOps duties (monitoring, operations)
  • Architecturing SDN (Software Defined Networking)-based WAN networks (Cisco iWAN)
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Project and portfolio management of cloud-based infrastructures

Cloud infrastructure

Test management

Through comprehensive testing we assure the quality of changes to IT solutions

A wide range of testing tasks plays an important role in our portfolio.

One of the key pillars of application management is to provide the right quality of testing for both our in-house developments, as well as the development of other solution groups.

Testing methods

Our testing services can be divided into three main areas:

  • Test management
  • Automated testing
  • Manual testing
Test management
Level of customer satisfaction

Test management

Our colleagues have years of experience - independently of project methodologies - in conducting tests in different environments.

We are well versed in both manual and automated testing. Our test managers, upon request, follow the entire test cycle all the way from planning to operation.

Level of customer satisfaction

Automated testing

During automated testing, we strive to find the most suitable solution. We not only handle "simple" automation of manual test cases (automating existing steps without modification), but we also recommend optimized solutions using dynamic points that can be integrated into the test cases - thus providing greater flexibility in the application.

Quality assurance
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Manual testing

Although automated testing can provide a great test coverage in many cases, there are always special cases where only manual testing can be applied. We want to answer this challenge with our well-trained and highly dedicated test team, who have gained experience in testing applications, writing and executing manual test cases, documenting errors and assisting in fixing them.

Customer satisfaction survey

Project Management & Consulting

Coordination and management of processes and resources

In today's changing world, one of the biggest challenges is how we can quickly and easily respond to emerging needs. This challenge can only be met with the appropriate expertise and customer-centric thinking.

Following this approach, we have established our project management and SAP consulting team.

Project management

Our team consists exclusively of highly qualified colleagues with many years of experience. Whether it's any aspect of project management, we know its advantages and disadvantages, so we can provide you with the right advice to design the optimal structure when planning your project.


  • Agile
  • Waterfall model
Project management

Project management scope

Our team covers several project types, out of which the following ones are in focus:

  • software development
  • roll-out
  • migration
  • retirement
  • transition and transformation


SAP consulting

Consultancy services for businesses powered by SAP

We offer a comprehensive solution for our partners with our SAP consultancy services. Our team of young and agile teams are highly trained, thanks to our complex SAP implementation, version upgrade, and operational experience in the past.

Our SAP team

Our highly qualified colleagues have industry and project management experience, delivering top quality service to our customers.

Descriptive analytics
SAP solutions

We provide services related to the following areas:

  • Project management
  • Implementation of new SAP systems: feasibility study, preparation, business blueprint, realization, final preparation, testing, Go Live and support
  • Rationalization and optimization of business processes
  • System operation: remote, on-site or in a cloud-based infrastructure
  • Performance tuning on hardware, OS, database, or application level
  • Installation of applications and patches provided by SAP
  • Technical assistance of version upgrade projects
  • Operation and monitoring of interfaces between SAP and external systems

SAP solutions

Application Support

We are ready to assist and solve problems

Whether they are service requests, incidents, problems, or changes, our skilled team is ready to tackle and solve even the most demanding application issues.

Fast response and clear, transparent communication are among the key elements of our services. We ensure productivity through proactivity.

We handle every issue thoroughly and most of the time our work doesn't end with a ticket delegation. We ensure from the point the case is discovered, until a sufficient fix is delivered, high level of communication, tracking and issue management, both with the customer and development.

What distinguishes us from others is the fact that we don't stop there when an issue is solved! With proper documentation and communication between the teams we do our best to avoid similar cases in the future and with proactive thinking even request optimizations before an actual issue comes to being.

Application support services